Pre3 have a great time at Darling harbour!

Hillary 1 realYesterday our teacher, who is Hilary, said “we’ll go to Darling harbour”. Then, we went to Darling harbor and China town. The teacher had a gift for us that was Chinese Cream Puffs. We took a lot of photos in front of a statue of a rhino, The Chinese Gardens and Darling harbour. We saw the IMAX cinema that was near Darling harbour. We arrived at Darling harbour then we sat down and relaxed. After the journey it rained.

from Sugar-Od and Kazuki

Yesterday afternoon we walked to darling harbour and we took a lot of photos in Chinatown. After the teacher gave us a Chinese cream puff, but some people burnt their mouths. After we arrived at the Chinese gardens, we saw some Chinese temples and saw a big fish and took more photos. After that we walked to darling harbour and took a lot of photos.


Yesterday, we went to China town and then the Chinese gardens and Darling harbour. Hillary 2 real
We ate Chinese cream puffs and took lots of photos and we walked around darling harbour. We saw a fish ,a statue of a rhino, the Chinese gardens, the harbour and some Chinese temples.
Jack was crazy because he poured water on everybody. We sat down and relaxed. We took lots of photos and after it rained so much it broke my umbrella.

see you soon. Luana and Ai   xx

Yesterday we went to Darling Harbour and China town.

While we were walking we ate Chinese food.

We saw fish in the Chinese garden’s pond.

Jack poured water on us.

We took a lot of pictures.

We walked around Darling Harbour.

We saw some Chinese temples like Japanese one’s.

And then we went home.

Hillary 3 realI went to Darling Harbour yesterday with my class and my teacher, we entered in China town and my teacher bought some Chinese cream puffs, then we went to Chinese gardens. We saw some fish and a statue of a rhino.

We went to Darling Harbour, we saw a lot of people playing music and asking for money, some people gave and he danced. We saw the IMAX cinema.

We were taking photos and Jack poured water on everybody.


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