Meet Shu… One of our Pronunciation Students :)


Shu a 20 year-old university student from Osaka. He’s very ambitious and wants to forge his own path in life. He plans to go to Canada when he graduates to improve his English skills even more.

canada lawn

 Yesterday he took part in completed the Sydney marathon in just under 5 hours. Today he said “I’m sore, my legs ache when I stand up”. This language is something that we practiced in class last week, so I was happy to hear it.

 sydney marathon

When I asked him how much he trained beforehand, he said “I went running once every two weeks for two hours.” Not much preparation for a marathon!

He’s a positive person who is never late and never misses class. That’s something all teachers love.


 This is Shu practicing the “r” sound in English, because he would like to be able to say ‘rock and roll’ instead of ‘let’s go’. Here he looks pretty tired, but I think we can forgive him, don’t you?



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