Intermediate 1 write about their life in Oz and this year’s World Cup!!!

Hi! I’m Andrew and I teach Int 1 at Ability. My class were really interested in chatting/ blogging about their work and world cup experiences so I thought I would share just  some of them with the world. Actuallly, they were so interested in talking that it was difficult to make them write anything, but they were very keen to swap experiences with each other. The result was that they paired up to get their experiences on paper and provided some interesting insights into student life in Oz.

THE 3 MUSKATEERS..CLAUDIA ‘CONNY’ SERONE, CAMILA MORALES GUZMAN (CHILE) and BURAK YILDRIM (TURKEY)these cool cats all work together at EFENDI (, a beautiful Turkish restaurant in Balmain..a glance at the menu will show you why they are packed out every sunday for breakfast!

yum yum

“Every Sunday I wake up at 6am to be at work…at 6.00 on Sunday!!! We have to take the 7am bus to start work at 7.30am. Burak is a chef, he cooks the best breakfast in Sydney. Turkish breakfast of course!! He is the best chef!!

Camilla and I run all over the restaurant, the whole morning…UF!! (phew!!). She brings the coffees, teas and drinks to the tables, she has great balance. I do the same with the plates, really big and heavy; I have bigger muscles!! We have to run up and down the stairs with glasses and plates..all that running.

The restaurant is very busy..every Sunday we attend 200 customers just in the morning!. The people start to come at 8AM. For me they are crazy people; sunday in the morning is for SLEEP. I love my job because I work with my favourite classmates: Camile, Burak and ME..the 3 Muskateers

EUN YOUNG KANG (Korea)..We all scream for ICE CREAM!!

I love Ice Cream (especially) when I eat a yogurberry ice cream so I applied to the manager of the yogurberry shop and finally i became a staff member so I can eat ice cream.

The shop is in Chatswood so you can get there easily. Are you worried about your body? Don’t worry! The ice cream is frozen yogurt so it is low in calories; low fat and naturally sweet because it is made from fruits. There are 8 flavours and you can choose the toppings and pay by the ice cream quantity. You should visit soon!

yummi dessert


My name is Michel and I have a funny friend from Turkey. His name is Burak. I work in a Brazilian restaurant and he works in a Turkish one. We have both worked as kitchen hands for a long time and had lots of good and bad experiences. Sometimes the restaurant is too busy, the bosses become crazy people and we have to work like dogs..

However it is a good experience because we can learn English and enjoy different kinds of food..YUMMY YUMMY! In addition i love it when the restaurant closes. In this way i can pick up some food to take away. This is the best moment.

FLAVIO (ITALY). flavio also works as a kitchen hand and learnt a new word “SKEWER” (verb)..describing the injury  he did to his hand OUCH!!!!! 


Definitely when you are out of your country, things are completely different. Love for your country is more strong and the desire to meet with people from the same place is big. This month is a brilliant time to get together with Chileans because it’s the world cup in Brazil!

My favourite place to watch the games is the Star Casino. It has many big screen TVs and the beer isn’t too expensive…i am sure there are a few of you who are now keen to check out some of the cafes where our students work..SEE YOU THERE!!!

Int 1




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