EAP 2 Presentation Time!!!! Read all about one student’s trip to Western Australia :)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mariana Simas and today I would like to tell you about a place called Mitchell Falls. So as part of my EAP class I had to do some research on Australia and I discovered this amazing place which I would like to visit someday!

Mitchell falls is the major attraction of the Mitchell Plateau, a city in one of the nine regions of Western Australia- at Kimberly. As you can see from the photo below Mitchell falls is a beautiful cascade that has four over layers of rock into a deep pool. It is the second highest Waterfall in the state! Mitchell falls far

I decided this was a good place to present to my class as I had never heard of it and I think its a place we need to visit! Looking at the images of Mitchell falls the landscape is just stunning, a real oasis,it looks like paradise!

Wunambal peopleYou may find it interesting to know that the aboriginal people lived on the land for thousands of years and they are known as the Wunambal people. For any of you animal lovers biologists have found more than 220 bird species, 50 different mammals, and 88 types of amphibians and reptiles in the area!croc 

So if any of you are planning a trip and you enjoy the outdoors and camping,  think about this place which I believe would be an unforgettable experience. Mitchell PlateauIt is a remote area which is difficult to get to but it is recommended to go by four wheel drive, even better!  Australia is rich in amazing landscape from East to West and we should take advantage of that!

I hope you have enjoyed my presentation and it inspires you to go off the beaten track, Mariana.Mitchell falls close

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