An Insightful Observation from One of Our Advanced Evening Students :)

I want to go home?

expens syd

How much???

And so perhaps you are disappointed with Australia? The weather is not as nice as you might have expected, or life in Sydney is too expensive?

coffee money

No I just said ONE coffee…

b and w syd

Concrete jungle…

Obviously there are plenty of things that are different to where you are from. Some are strange, some could not be more confronting, but guess what? That is exactly the beauty of travelling and exploring other cultures.

the rock

Everything that back home you would never do, like planning a trip across a continent with people you just met, or helping a complete stranger find a job – in other words, staying open and not being afraid of saying ‘yes’, is becoming a part of who you are here.

Admittedly, when faced with everyday problems I also seemed to have forgotten why I came here, and, apart from learning and improving my English language skills, I didn’t see the choices and opportunities that were right in front of me.cloudy stormy city

Mt Wellington. Adventure Racing. Swisse Mark Webber Challenge 2013. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. 01/12/2013. Photo By Lucas WroeSo why don’t you stop for a moment, think of where you are and what you really what to do with your time here and, just like me, simply enjoy for what might be the greatest adventure of your life.jump for joy

By an ingithful and anonymous student. 




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