A Visit To The Art Gallery Of New South Wales

Our elementary class took a trip to The Art Gallery Of NSW last week where they took part in a paper figure making workshop. Take a look at some photos below and a description of the day written by one of the students.

pic 6

pic 4pic 3

Written by an Ability Student Edit Esther Cabrera Navarrete 

We went to an excursion with teachers and classmates. Firstly, we went to a park called Hyde Park on Elisabeth Street that is near Botanic Garden.

At that place we took many photos and we talked to each other. After that we were in the Art Gallery where there were many paintings and we were admiring them. It is a beautiful place. The building is the most exciting that I have ever seen. All of us were making paper figures. We had a lot of fun. Before we left, we took some photos of everyone.

After that, it was lunch time so we decided to go to a food court in George Street where there was a variety of food. We were undecided because everything looked so good but I felt like sushi so I had it and it was amazing.

Finally, each person went their own way home. This excursion has been awesome and a very fun experience.

pic 2


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