Market Madness

One of our favourite times of the week is definitely Friday excursion day!  This week we visited South Melbourne Market.  It was so much fun seeing all the different kinds of foods and clothing to try and buy!

Melbourne Pathways Fair

On Thursday, some local universities came to the school to talk to us about possible courses and plans for after we finish our English studies.  There were colleges that focused on cooking, technology, medicine, and many more.  It was an interesting experience and also a chance to practice some real life English!

Market Day Craziness!

Last week, we had our awesome Market Day!! Everybody was buying and selling like crazy.  There were tattoos, massages, hairdressers, and lots of carnival games! Like any good party, Market Day ended with lots of dance lessons courtesy of our Latin American students.  It was so funny to see! e 

Leaving Parties!

It’s always sad when our friends leave.  We study for so long together and become like family.  Today we celebrated the end of our class in style.  With wonderful costumes and funky hats!

The most creative people in Melbourne!

This week Pre Intermediate 1 and 4 created some amazing inventions and presented their ideas and the models to the class.  They explained why we needed the invention and how it can be useful in our lives.  After the presentations we chose the 3 winners. The make up paper, the scanner pen, and the paper […]