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Excursion to The ABC – a night with the Book Club and Jennifer Byrne

Our Advanced class with their tickets to watch the Book Club at the ABC :-)

Our Advanced class with their tickets to watch the Book Club at the ABC ūüôā


Andrew with his Advanced class ready for their live television experience!!


Andrew and his Advanced class catching up with the hosts from the show – Jason Seger,Michael Robotham Benjamin Law and Jennifer Byrne

Last thursday was the excursion day of my language school. Out teacher, whose name is Andrew, took us to the ABC Studios to watch the recording of a programme.

To prepare us, he showed us a video of the programme called “The book club” the day before. We were all quite excited and were looking forward to see what the show would be like in a live recording. On thursday morning we met in the school and walked to the ABC Studios which are really close to the school¬†together. After we arrived, we were welcomed by a lovely producer of the programme who showed us our seats. Once the recording started, we were all listening attentively to the host and her guests who were presenting and discussing some really interesting books.

After the show we went to a restaurant to have lunch together.

This was a great idea because we were able to exchange our opinions about the show and the books that had been presented while we were enjoing our delicious dishes.

So for me, and I think I can speak in the name of the whole class, the excursion day was an enrichment for all of us. Not only because it was a great experience that gave us the once in a lifetime opportunity to improve our listening skills by listening to absolutely amazing eloquant speakers on tv, but also it was a lot of fun.

So thanks for tak√≠ng us to the ABC Studios! It was really amazing ūüôā


Museum Of Contemporary Art

Our Upper Intermediate 3 Class took a trip to The Museum Of Contemporary Art in Sydney  last week with their teacher Andrew Bukenya.

Bom took this picture below and left a comment on her experience of the day


“I went to the art museum last week where I got an inspiration to know the English language very well , I’ll know lots of information all the world and make a lot of friends. That’s the reason why I decided to study English”

Aleksandra also took some great pictures of their excursionhghghghghghg tttttttt






Luis and Mitsuaki from Upper 3




Some really great photos! Thank you for contributing!


I am sure this will inspire others to take a trip to The Museum Of Contemporary Art


Bjork Digital Exhibition at CarriageWorks Multi-Arts Centre

Our Upper Intermediate 3 and our Advanced Class took at trip to The Bjork Exhibition this week with their teacher Andrew.

Bjork 3

Read about Jaime’s experience below ( student from Upper Int 3)

I usually listen to house music, pop music. Also, i like R&B soul and reggae-anything with a deep bass,sound.¬†I’ve been to my friend’s concert or show in Korea. My friends who they are famous reggae musicians in Korea. so, when they have a show or festival, i used to go there.But, if i have the chance, i’d like to go to live concert about these music what i like in Australia. It¬†was my first time to see the¬†BJORK¬†digital exhibition.She is incredible. And this exhibition was a reminder that she is incredible¬†Also,¬†VR¬†(virtual reality) was fantastic new experience for me.

Check out some of Jame’s photos below.

Bjork 4Bjork 7

Bjork 8

Carriage work was my first time. It was difficult for me to understand that bjork wants to tell the message. But it was good experience. Most interesting thing was that I saw from inside the mouth. It was pretty weird but I could do a strange experience. Maybe this exhibition sometimes makes you feel bad. However, some experience is really amazing. If you visit this place, you might be excited.I like to go to LIVE because I can feel more realistic. I’ve been to LIVE which is my favorite bands in Japan. It was so excited.¬†I’ve been to Opera House and Martin place and Botanical Garden and Darling Harbor in the Vivid Festival.Nothing is better than I could communicate with my classmates.(Mitsuaki from Upper 3)

Bjork 5


One cool part of the exhibition was the chance to be a DJ, control random loops on  4 turntables and make your own piece of wax then and there! Here we are with the finished product and and my advanced class- a great experience for new Brazilian student RENAN FRAGA

Such an amazing experience today at the Bjork Digital Exhibition. It s just my first week in Sydney and it was really cool to have this different kind of lesson today with my colleagues. I also had the opportunity to be a DJ for one day, actually it was more than that, I recorded my first electronic music record.”¬†(Renan Fraga Advanced 1 Student)

Check out the finished product below!
bjork dj

Read about Claudia’s experience below.

Yesterday was my first time to Carriageworks, I have never heard about Carriageworks. I though it was amazing.I have never been to LIVE concerts. This was my first time to see and hear Bjork. I enjoyed the experience but I couldn’t understand the Bjork’s message.I have been to Vivid Festival at Opera House this year. I was impressed and so much excited.In my opinion all the people should go to Vivid Festival. It’s a great and wonderful event.

Bjork 10


A really interesting a fun day!











A Day in a Film Studio! – The Great Australian Spelling Bee


Some of our classes took a trip to the Fox Studios last week to be in the audience for The Great Australian Spelling Bee TV Show. The students spent time watching the camera crew setting up, watching the contestants taking part and being filmed too! It looked like an interesting and fun day out for all. I hope you all improved your spelling

Hmmm How do you spell that word??




Some of our students posing outside Fox Studios



Signing in for the event


“You better spell correctly!!” (Christina our Intermediate 5 teacher)


thumb_IMG_9860_1024 thumb_IMG_9857_1024 thumb_IMG_9835_1024


Survivor Tour of The Rocks


Greg from France enjoying the canon in The Rocks


Our Survivor Class did one of their course tasks last week – took other classes on a tour of The Rocks area in Sydney.


The students enjoyed a fun day out and discovered local sights and learned some interesting facts about The Rocks area. from our Survivor class.

The Rocks


The steep streets of The Rocks sprawl out to the western side of Circular Quay and the imposing steel arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Start your explorations wandering around the harbour foreshore, from the iconic Opera House on one side to just beneath the bridge. Visit the Pylon Lookout, or for even better views.

This historic precinct also draws both visitors and locals with its museums and galleries, lively weekend markets and hotels with harbour views. The past and present collide in the best way in the Rocks, home to both ghostly tours and some of Sydney’s liveliest celebrations.



Our Survivor Class took some awesome pictures during the tour. Well done on a great job guys!








Compare and Contrast Cities

This week our Intermediate Plus Class have been working on their writing skills. The students discussed the differences between their city and Sydney. They also learned new descriptive vocabulary and language that they can use to compare things.

Mitsuko from Japan compared her hometown Haruna with Sydney. Read her piece below!

My town is Haruna which is in the middle of Japan. It is in the countryside so there is breath-taking nature. I like nature because it makes me relax. I came to Sydney 8 months ago. Sydney has beautiful nature too. In addition Sydney is a modern and traditional city. It is interesting to me.

As I mentioned before Haruna has stunning nature. Do you know Japan has four seasons? Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.The colours change each season.Spring makes it pink which is cherry blossom’s colour. Summer makes it green which is the colour of the leaves. In Autumn the leaves turn red and yellow in Japan. In Winter it snows so the view is superb.

However Sydney has four seasons but the seasons are different. Sydney doesn’t have leaves which turn red and yellow in Autumn. The BluseMountains in Sydney is an awesome place in any season. The city in Sydney mixes both modern and traditional which is fantastic.

To sum up. Both Haruna and Sydney are amazing places. I believe there are good points for each. I cherish both places.


Thank you for contributing to our Ability blog Mitsuko – a lovely piece of writing.




A Day At Shelly Beach

Our intermediate class went to Shelly Beach on an excursion last week, and they loved it!

After a 30 minute trip on the famous Manly Ferry and many pictures later, we arrived. We

were lucky it was a stunning day! Some of the students went snorkeling while others

preferred sunbathing. Before lunch we went on a walk through the bush tracks which offer

spectacular views of the northern beaches. It was a lovely day out! 

Ferry Ride!


Amazing Views!


Time to Sunbathe!


A Gorgeous Day



Monday Night NRL Game

Two Upper-Intermediate classes from Sydney’s Ability English campus spent Monday 14th March attending a quintessential Aussie sporting match…….an NRL game between the Western Sydney Tigers and the Manly Sea Eagles at Leichardt Oval in Sydney’s inner-west.

General English Teachers; Laura and Justin took their classes to the Rugby to introduce students to this great Australian tradition whereby Rugby teams on the east coast of Australia and New Zealand play against each other in rounds during the Australian autumn and winter seasons. Students were surprised at the level of enthusiasm exhibited by supporters and commented on the terrific ‚Äėfamily atmosphere‚Äô of the event.



A lot of new vocabulary was learnt, stories were shared about popular sports within students‚Äô home countries, mostly football‚Ķ.that is European football, what we call ‚Äėsoccer‚Äô here in Australia. Finally, some tricky questions were answered about the presence of hooligans at Australian Football games! Students also had the opportunity to practice their numerical vocabulary which we had been practising the week before in class. All in all, a great night was experienced by all and students had many stories to tell their friends and families. Well done to the West Tigers who won the match at their home ground!