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An insightful story from one of our Sydney Ability teachers!!!!

Yesterday I met up with a student at the beautiful Bronte and Tamarama beaches for some sunbaking, swimming and interesting conversation. We chatted effortlessly about our lives, her experience in Australia and at the school. I found myself recognising and marvelling at the improvement in her vocabulary, fluency and accuracy as compared to when she […]

EAP 2 Presentation Time!!!! Read all about one student’s trip to Western Australia :)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mariana Simas and today I would like to tell you about a place called Mitchell Falls. So as part of my EAP class I had to do some research on Australia and I discovered this amazing place which I would like to visit someday! Mitchell falls is the […]

An Insightful Observation from One of Our Advanced Evening Students :)

I want to go home? And so perhaps you are disappointed with Australia? The weather is not as nice as you might have expected, or life in Sydney is too expensive? Obviously there are plenty of things that are different to where you are from. Some are strange, some could not be more confronting, but […]

Pre3 have a great time at Darling harbour!

Yesterday our teacher, who is Hilary, said “we’ll go to Darling harbour”. Then, we went to Darling harbor and China town. The teacher had a gift for us that was Chinese Cream Puffs. We took a lot of photos in front of a statue of a rhino, The Chinese Gardens and Darling harbour. We saw the […]

Elementary goes crazy on the boat cruise!

Students from ELM1 had a fantastic night for our Masquerade boat party. Check out these fantastic photos of them in action!       Selfie time for V for Vendetta man and his masked companion! The English-only Emu is in full flight with some party-goers!     A quick photo before it’s party boat time!  Peace to all!! A great photo while […]

What our students think about Australian Culture – Upper Int 2

What we think about Australian Culture Australians have a relaxed lifestyle. In other places people are stressed and they don’t have much time, but Aussies seem to be friendly and kind. They are used to other cultures. They feel comfortable with other people because Australia is multicultural. Most Australian BBQs consist of meat and steak. […]

Check out this AMAZING EAP writing!

If any of you are interested in acquiring fantastic English writing skills, then you have to read this great essay. This is not a teacher, this is a student!!!!!! If you work hard, your writing will be this amazing! Enjoy!!!!!!!!! The impact of Tourism By Afni Mufliyah, EAP Upper.  Afni is an EAP student from Indonesia […]