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Our Intermediate Evening students attend their first Rugby League game!!!

              A few weeks ago students from intermediate evening and some other evening students went to watch a Tigers vs Rabbits rugby league game at Stadium Australia. It was first time for me to see a Rugby game and it was amazing. The game is so fast and tough compared to football. The teacher Justin explained some […]

Int Plus 1 write about “the greatest engineering achievement” this week

I think  the electricity in the greatest engineering achievement because I think technology and anything around us come to be more comfortable. Because of the electricity. For example we can turn on the lights when we need it may be in the night or in the dark place,and another thing that happen because of electricity […]

Some wonderful Sydney advice from some Pre-intermediate students!

A couple of students from our Pre-Intermediate class have some great advice for you. If you live in Sydney, or plan to come here, you need to read this! 24th April Dear friends, You should come to Sydney! Sydney has great weather and a lot of beautiful places. For example, the Opera house. You must go there, […]

Pre3 have a great time at Darling harbour!

Yesterday our teacher, who is Hilary, said “we’ll go to Darling harbour”. Then, we went to Darling harbor and China town. The teacher had a gift for us that was Chinese Cream Puffs. We took a lot of photos in front of a statue of a rhino, The Chinese Gardens and Darling harbour. We saw the […]

We are FAMILY!!!

When we live overseas the people around us become our family, we see them every day and we spend most of our time with them. UpperPlus1 are a (very crazy) family – an international family from countries all over the world including Poland, Peru, Japan, Spain, Korea, Colombia, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Laos and Ireland […]

Elementary goes crazy on the boat cruise!

Students from ELM1 had a fantastic night for our Masquerade boat party. Check out these fantastic photos of them in action!       Selfie time for V for Vendetta man and his masked companion! The English-only Emu is in full flight with some party-goers!     A quick photo before it’s party boat time!  Peace to all!! A great photo while […]