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An insightful story from one of our Sydney Ability teachers!!!!

Yesterday I met up with a student at the beautiful Bronte and Tamarama beaches for some sunbaking, swimming and interesting conversation. We chatted effortlessly about our lives, her experience in Australia and at the school. I found myself recognising and marvelling at the improvement in her vocabulary, fluency and accuracy as compared to when she […]

Meet Shu… One of our Pronunciation Students :)

Shu a 20 year-old university student from Osaka. He’s very ambitious and wants to forge his own path in life. He plans to go to Canada when he graduates to improve his English skills even more.  Yesterday he took part in completed the Sydney marathon in just under 5 hours. Today he said “I’m sore, my […]

Let’s hear how Pron2 practices stress!

  In our pronunciation classes, they practice everything connected with English pronunciation. But in their last week of the cycle, they have made this great video to show how good their stress is when singing. Please have a listen and make sure you clap with the beat! Practicing stress in Pronunciation

English Sounds in Pronunciation Class – PRON2

This week in the lower pronunciation class we’ve been bridging the gap between the sounds of English and real conversation. In the first two weeks the practice was very controlled. Lots of repetition and drilling. Now we are moving towards students practicing English with more freedom and incorporating some conversation into the course. Sometimes though, […]