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Volunteering with the Salvation Army :-)

The Salvos. Have you heard of them? They are a charity that do many programs to help people in need, and their full name is the Salvation Army. We were a little bit confused why they were called the Salvation “Army” but now we know it’s because they were formed such a long time ago, when there […]

Fundraising for Seven Women

Today was an amazing experience. We got to support an amazing organization that help disadvantaged women in Nepal, especially since the earthquake. We felt shocked when we heard about the conditions that some people face, and it was really amazing to learn about one Australian woman who has been positively helping so many lives. This […]

If Juliana had a yellow face……

On Wednesday in the Pre Int 4 class we studied the second conditional by imagining we were different things and different people. These are some of the ideas we came up with. Our teacher Laura gave us some AMAZING costumes to help us think of creative ideas. If Juliana had a yellow face, she’d hide […]