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Analysing Data: A day in the life of an IELTS student – IELTS2 Day

From the sample of 11 students, our class made a random survey on the respondents’ Job, Pay, Hours of Work Per Week, Visa Type, and Experience Needed in their job. Overall, more than 50% of our respondents are currently working at the Bar/ Restaurant as Hospitality Agents and the rest are employed evenly as a […]

Xmas in my country!!! – IELTS day class

The IELTS class were asked to write about Xmas in their country, what they will miss, and how it is different from what they will do here in Oz. Plus, what they were going to do for the holidays. They certainly did a wonderful job. Enjoy!    Eugenio  In Italy, the Xmas is the period of […]