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Pre-Intermediate students review films!!!!

This week in Pre Intermediate we learned how to review films and books. We summarised the stories, gave our opinions and explained why we would recommend it to other people. Below you can read a film review and a book review…     CITY OF GOD ‘City of God’ is a drama and action film, made in 2005 in […]

Let’s hear how Pron2 practices stress!

  In our pronunciation classes, they practice everything connected with English pronunciation. But in their last week of the cycle, they have made this great video to show how good their stress is when singing. Please have a listen and make sure you clap with the beat! Practicing stress in Pronunciation

TROPFEST 2013!!! – Advanced day students review their experience at the year’s most famous short film festival.

Last Sunday was the Tropfest festival in Centennial park. There were more than 9 thousand people lying on the grass around 3 big screens where short films were projected. A free event where you can meet a lot of people, a nice atmosphere and singers I’ve never heard of before. A bunch of our students from […]