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A beautiful thought from one of our FCE students

“After studying the FCE course in Ability, I feel so much more confidence and comfort with my writing skills in comparison with before. I turned my weaknesses into strengths. FCE has several types of writing which I can use now in my daily life so I can take advantage of what I have learnt. Overall, I am very […]

An FCE Student talks about his experience at the workplace

I work at a Brazilian restaurant where everyone is a hard worker and most of the people are Brazilians. Usually Brazilians are keen on parties, music, laughing out loud and enjoying the life unlimitedly. Can you imagine how much we were waiting for this party? After one year working in a busy restaurant? Yes, finally […]

Preparing for Cambridge – First Certificate of English (FCE)

I did the FCE course at Ability, which lasts for three months to prepare you for the Cambridge exam, and it did a great deal for me with regards to improving my English. Different from the General English classes the FCE course begins and finishes with the same students, which is very good to meet people and make friends. Also because it is an academic […]

Australian Centre for the Moving Image excursion with FCE class

The Australian Centre of the Moving Image is an exhibition about television, movies, cinema, video-games, the evolution of new technologies and how these things have influenced our life. It’s situated in Federation Square in Melbourne city centre and the visitors can travel around the world of imagination. On one hand, we can find a very […]

FCE 1 Essays on smoking laws

Here are two student essays from our class, and a version of the teacher’s corrections. This kind of writing practice and detailed correction helps students with their grammar and assists them in understanding typical English sentence structure. Topic: The Government should raise the Price of cigarettes to discourage people from smoking.   STUDENT ESSAY 1 […]