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The PROs and CONs of having a Smartphone – An Upper Intermediate joint essay

Here is our class essay from our upper intermediate class. We divided into pairs and each pair wrote a paragraph. Our topic was the pros and cons of smartphones. Smartphones have become a big part of people’s lives The younger generation are particularly dependent on their phones. There are benefits and drawbacks. This essay will look at […]

Int Plus 1 write about “the greatest engineering achievement” this week

I think  the electricity in the greatest engineering achievement because I think technology and anything around us come to be more comfortable. Because of the electricity. For example we can turn on the lights when we need it may be in the night or in the dark place,and another thing that happen because of electricity […]

Check out this AMAZING EAP writing!

If any of you are interested in acquiring fantastic English writing skills, then you have to read this great essay. This is not a teacher, this is a student!!!!!! If you work hard, your writing will be this amazing! Enjoy!!!!!!!!! The impact of Tourism By Afni Mufliyah, EAP Upper.  Afni is an EAP student from Indonesia […]