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” What a Life” Photography Exhibition with Advanced

  One of our advanced teachers Andrew describes the day below. We took our advanced classes to the ‘What a Life‘ an exhibition of rock photography by renowned Australian Photographer Tony Mott at the State Library. We initiated the idea to tie in with the theme of Celebrity which is the topic. The students were […]

Int4 take a wonderful trip to Cockatoo Island!

Int 4 – trip to Cockatoo Island to visit the Biennial Sydney Art Exhibition Below are the thoughts of some of the students. Lorena (Chile); Maiko (Japan); Lisa (Hong Kong); Shoko (Japan); Billy (Korea); Riko (Japan); Fumiya (Japan); Luis (Spain); Raina (China); Yoshi (Japan); Jong Ju (Korea); Liza (Argentina); Olga & Alex (Russia); Tom (Laos); […]