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An insightful story from one of our Sydney Ability teachers!!!!

Yesterday I met up with a student at the beautiful Bronte and Tamarama beaches for some sunbaking, swimming and interesting conversation. We chatted effortlessly about our lives, her experience in Australia and at the school. I found myself recognising and marvelling at the improvement in her vocabulary, fluency and accuracy as compared to when she […]

Intermediate 1 write about their life in Oz and this year’s World Cup!!!

Hi! I’m Andrew and I teach Int 1 at Ability. My class were really interested in chatting/ blogging about their work and world cup experiences so I thought I would share just  some of them with the world. Actuallly, they were so interested in talking that it was difficult to make them write anything, but they were very […]

We are FAMILY!!!

When we live overseas the people around us become our family, we see them every day and we spend most of our time with them. UpperPlus1 are a (very crazy) family – an international family from countries all over the world including Poland, Peru, Japan, Spain, Korea, Colombia, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Laos and Ireland […]

What our students think about Australian Culture – Upper Int 2

What we think about Australian Culture Australians have a relaxed lifestyle. In other places people are stressed and they don’t have much time, but Aussies seem to be friendly and kind. They are used to other cultures. They feel comfortable with other people because Australia is multicultural. Most Australian BBQs consist of meat and steak. […]

An FCE Student talks about his experience at the workplace

I work at a Brazilian restaurant where everyone is a hard worker and most of the people are Brazilians. Usually Brazilians are keen on parties, music, laughing out loud and enjoying the life unlimitedly. Can you imagine how much we were waiting for this party? After one year working in a busy restaurant? Yes, finally […]

A New Year … New Habits … And Other Things – INTERMEDIATE 1

I asked my class to submit their ideas and not only was it interesting to see that some of them had bagged to best places to watch fireworks but also were keen to get into the spirit of things by making New Years resolutions…hopefully at the end of the year they can revisit the blog […]

The Holiday Season – Intermediate 4

I asked my students how Christmas differed between their countries and Australia, and here are some of their thoughts. After we chatted about this, we had a classroom Christmas party, with food from their different countries, and we watched YOU TUBE music videos that the students chose to represent their country’s music.  It was a […]

Xmas in my country!!! – IELTS day class

The IELTS class were asked to write about Xmas in their country, what they will miss, and how it is different from what they will do here in Oz. Plus, what they were going to do for the holidays. They certainly did a wonderful job. Enjoy!    Eugenio  In Italy, the Xmas is the period of […]