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Look at this amazing writing from Upp3!!!!

Hello everybody! Dylan here, reporting in from my amazing Upper Intermediate class! Last week, I asked my class to write about the most dangerous situations they have ever been in and they didn’t disappoint! Their stories were sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining and really showed off their talent for telling a dramatic story. […]

Int4 take a wonderful trip to Cockatoo Island!

Int 4 – trip to Cockatoo Island to visit the Biennial Sydney Art Exhibition Below are the thoughts of some of the students. Lorena (Chile); Maiko (Japan); Lisa (Hong Kong); Shoko (Japan); Billy (Korea); Riko (Japan); Fumiya (Japan); Luis (Spain); Raina (China); Yoshi (Japan); Jong Ju (Korea); Liza (Argentina); Olga & Alex (Russia); Tom (Laos); […]

Pre-Intermediate students review films!!!!

This week in Pre Intermediate we learned how to review films and books. We summarised the stories, gave our opinions and explained why we would recommend it to other people. Below you can read a film review and a book review…     CITY OF GOD ‘City of God’ is a drama and action film, made in 2005 in […]

Students Critique Art at the National Gallery of Victoria

Upper Plus Students visited the Melbourne Art Gallery and were given the task photographing two pictures, one that they like, and the other that they regard as a piece of junk, then briefly explain why. Kakadu river was represented by many images which was taken by Ford. Not unlike a comic strip, the artist used […]

Our Intermediate Evening students attend their first Rugby League game!!!

              A few weeks ago students from intermediate evening and some other evening students went to watch a Tigers vs Rabbits rugby league game at Stadium Australia. It was first time for me to see a Rugby game and it was amazing. The game is so fast and tough compared to football. The teacher Justin explained some […]

Int Plus 1 write about “the greatest engineering achievement” this week

I think  the electricity in the greatest engineering achievement because I think technology and anything around us come to be more comfortable. Because of the electricity. For example we can turn on the lights when we need it may be in the night or in the dark place,and another thing that happen because of electricity […]

Some wonderful Sydney advice from some Pre-intermediate students!

A couple of students from our Pre-Intermediate class have some great advice for you. If you live in Sydney, or plan to come here, you need to read this! 24th April Dear friends, You should come to Sydney! Sydney has great weather and a lot of beautiful places. For example, the Opera house. You must go there, […]

Pre3 have a great time at Darling harbour!

Yesterday our teacher, who is Hilary, said “we’ll go to Darling harbour”. Then, we went to Darling harbor and China town. The teacher had a gift for us that was Chinese Cream Puffs. We took a lot of photos in front of a statue of a rhino, The Chinese Gardens and Darling harbour. We saw the […]