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The IELTS class were asked to write about Xmas in their country, what they will miss, and how it is different from what they will do here in Oz. Plus, what they were going to do for the holidays. They certainly did a wonderful job. Enjoy!


Italian Xmas Eugenio 

In Italy, the Xmas is the period of the year when family is all together. Grandparents, parents and grandchildren share the same house and have lunch together. Depending on the region, typical food is prepared; in Bologna, for example, we usually eat tortellini as the first dish and rooster as the second one. This is probably what I will miss most. I will also miss the after lunch, when we open the presents that are placed below the Xmas tree. 

Anyway here in Australia I will have a great Xmas, the first one of my life with hot weather. I am really excited! I am going to the beach with my schoolmates and we will celebrate as a family. For the holidays, I planned a trip along the coast, from Sydney to Melbourne, with some good friends. I am sure I will enjoy it a lot and remember it forever.



In my country, Christmas is a significant time during the year because it’s the opportunity to meet our family. For children, it’s the most significant thanks to the gifts they receive in the event. For all the families it’s also the time to have a good and long meal. I think that I will miss both my family and food this year by being in Australia, because I know that they will be all together without me. However, I have the chance to now have many friends in Australia who are in the same situation as me, so I think I will celebrate Christmas with them with a barbecue. It will be unforgettable. During the holidays,  a friend from New Caledonia will come to visit me, so I will show him the city and the area around Sydney. We have already planned many activities such as travelling, going to the beach, visiting the city… It’s the first time that I will spend Christmas and New Year Eve in the summer, so I think it will be very special holidays.



In Italy, Christmas is widely celebrated. During the 24th of December I have dinner with my nuclear family, and the day after, I have lunch with all the extended family. The more religious people usually go to church on the 24th, while others do daily activities like going to the cinema with their families. australian-christmas

It doesn’t matter what you actually do; the important thing is to stay with your family. Everybody at Christmas eats a lot! Christmas lunch starts at 11.30 am and finishes at 5 pm… so it’s a really long lunch! We usually eat fish on the 24th and meat on the 25th, with soups, olives, dry fruit, and obviously our traditional sweet, panettone! Before lunch, during the morning, we open presents. About the Italian Christmas, I’ll really miss contact with my parents, sister, cousins and all my relatives. Plus, I think I’ll really miss the food, especially my grandmother’s food. Here I won’t have time to do a real Christmas lunch by myself, and it’ll be really strange for me.

This year, I’ll spend Christmas in Australia. In my country it is winter now, so this year I’ll probably go to the beach and have a barbeque with my new friends that I’ve met here. I’d really like to go to the beach because it’s an unusual thing for me to do at this time of the year, and it’ll be a really Aussie activity! About the holidays, I’m looking forward to relaxing a little and going to see some places outside Sydney. I’m thinking about going to the Blue Mountains and to the Royal National Park as well. I’ll probably have to work too during the holidays, so I won’t have so much to time to travel. 



Hungarian StrudelTamas

The Hungarian Xmas is totally different from the Australian. It takes always 3 days. The main day is the 24th of December, when all people are with their family and celebrate the Xmas at home (sing songs, give gifts to each other). We usually cook some special dishes, for example, fish soup (this is very hot and spicy), battered fish with salad, turkey or duck and a lot of cakes, desserts. Those who are religious, go to temple for a midnight-ceremony. On the other two days we visit friends, relatives, and eat, drink…talking, laughing:). In Australia, I will visit my friends. We are going to the Royal National Garden and to the Opera House, where there will be organized concerts and shows with famous Australian celebrities. On the 25th or 26th of December we are going to Balmoral beach, having a BBQ and we will enjoy the beautiful weather and sun. I know, far from my family and friend, it will not easy. They are missing me, but we keep touch on Skype and I will talk to them.  



In Brazil, most people celebrate Xmas with their families! I usually have a big dinner in a uncle’s house. The whole family goes there and we spend the night together, talking and eating. Even some relatives from other cities come to the dinner. At midnight, we wish each other a happy Xmas! After that, our “secret Santa ” starts! Everybody brings different presents, and we put it under the Xmas tree. We have to choose a random present, and that’s the funny part, as we don’t know what is inside. It could be a nice earring or a pair of socks! I will definitely miss that! Here in Australia, me and my friends don’t actually know where we will spend the night, maybe in the beach or in the city! We will probably go out in the week. We are planning to go to the royal national park or blue mountains! I hope we will have a good time!



Christmas in Poland is very family holiday. During this time I will miss the most both my families, mine and my husband’s…..their smiles, jokes, children running around the Christmas tree, cats playing with baubles and relatives playing music on the violin, guitar and accordion, delicious food, made by my grandmother and this special moment when everyone opens their presents.

This year I’m going to spend my Christmas holidays with an Australian family. My flatmates invited me to their parent’s house for Christmas Eve supper. Although that won’t replace my own relatives, I hope it will be nice to share holidays with them and it will definitely be exciting experience.

Christmas is coming and I look forward to put a Santa Claus hat and lie on the beach in my bathing suit with a bag of sweets. It will be a great change to a cold Christmas in Poland.



Christmas is a religious holiday in Russia and takes place on the 7th January. Usually, this holiday is celebrated in cosy, quiet and warm atmosphere withRussian Xmas family members. Russians decorate fur trees and put presents for children. Christmas day is the first day after a long fast and people cook delicious traditional dishes and invite relatives and close friends for dinner. Hence, I will miss the smells and flavours of this special day and an exciting feeling about the significance of this holiday for many people in my country.

This year is the first in my life when I can celebrate a catholic Christmas in Australia. I see people’s excitement around this day and really appreciate to be invited to celebrate Christmas with my friend’s family.

I am also looking forward to enjoy Christmas holidays with my brother and our friends. I would also like to explore new places in Sydney and its suburbs, and experience new activities such as snorkelling and surfing.


Nicolas Leste

In my country, each year, I celebrate Xmas with my family in my grandparent’s house; it’s like a tradition. We prepare a big dinner and decorate our house. Each person from my family bring something to eat without forgetting the gifts 😉

Currently, I miss my family because this year will be my first year that I celebrate Xmas without my family. I won’t be alone but I couldn’t refind the same ambience, atmosphere as my home.

In Australia, I’m going to celebrate Xmas near to Opera house with my friends from Ability school because someone told me there is a big Xmas Party there so it can be enjoyable. For my holidays, I’m going to travel with my brother and my sister around Australia I couldn’t be more excited !!!

Happy Christmas everyone !!! and enjoy it!!!

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