What will life be like in 2060?

Upper Intermediate 1 Melbourne Campus Class

We made a list of our predictions for the future in groups.

  • People will speak only one language.
  • We think people will be driving flying cars.
  • We think that people will not go to school but they will educate themselves at home with the Internet.
  • We think people will live only in high buildings in small spaces.
  • We think people will not cook but they will take pills.

  • In 2060 we’ll be using self-driving cars.
  • We won’t need to work at the office but we will work from home.
  • We will be able to enter our houses without keys, instead we will use our fingerprints.
  • Transport will be automated.
  • People will be eating pills instead of their food.
  • Robots will be doing peoples’ housework.
  • Governments will be fighting wars with robot armies.
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