The best part of Culture Day 2013

The students of Upper Intermediate 3 were asked: ‘What was the best part of culture day?’

The best part of culture day was…

  • Watching the teachers sing
  • Meeting people from other parts of the world and learning lots of things about other countries’ traditional customs
  • Enjoying the old Venezuelan lady’s talk. She beautifully explained the best country in the world (Venezuela!)
  • Watching all the amazing performances
  • Learning about other cultures
  • Seeing the Columbian dance. It was strange but awesome. I loved it
  • Making lots of friends
  • Taking a picture in the awesomely decorated rooms
  • Sharing different things that each country has
  • The students teaching the teachers how to dance
  • Eating different food and learning about other cultures. Plus, I loved the Asian Michael Jackson!
  • The party after the performances
  • The preparation before, everybody running around in the building excited and worried

You can find more photos on our facebook page.

Mongolian students in their national costumesColombian dancing

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