What our students think about Australian Culture – Upper Int 2

multicultural Oz1What we think about Australian Culture

Australians have a relaxed lifestyle. In other places people are stressed and they don’t have much time, but Aussies seem to be friendly and kind.

They are used to other cultures. They feel comfortable with other people because Australia is multicultural.

multicultural Oz

Most Australian BBQs consist of meat and steak. Some people eat kangaroo. However, there isn’t a typical dish. The cuisine is a mix of different influences. We don’t know what Australian food is. We think it’s just fish and chips and onions, but nothing special. Oh, and vegemite!


Australians love drinking beer and wine. After work they go out drinking. You can always see people drinking pubafter they leave the office. That’s why they have ‘Happy Hour.’ Happy hour is usually from 3pm to 5pm. This is so early!!! In other cultures (normal cultures) people go home and have dinner at about 8pm and go out at 9 or 10 or 11pm. Everything closes early here.


People celebrate Australia Day and Anzac Day. Australia Day (January 26) is the day Australia was colonised by England. Anzac Day is the remembrance day for Australia and New Zealand to remember soldiers from the first World War.


Australian people love to put rubbish in bins!!! They care about the Environment.

sportsAussies love sport. The most popular sports are cricket, surfing, rugby and AFL. Cricket is good if you can’t sleep! You just run from end to end. We love AFL. Our team, is the Sydney Swans!!!!







By: The students from Upper Intermediate 2

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