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One of our advanced teachers Andrew describes the day below.

We took our advanced classes to the ‘What a Life‘ an exhibition of rock photography by renowned Australian Photographer Tony Mott at the State Library. We initiated the idea to tie in with the theme of Celebrity which is the topic.

The students were provided with a worksheet with a wide range of questions that they could find the answers to through reading descriptions, team work and listening to interviews via the video clips which gave them insights into the Australian music scene and iconic performers as well as backstage narratives to international performers as well.

Read Remy’s thoughts on the exhibition below.

“If you like Rock’n’Roll and photographs, this exhibition is definitely unavoidable!
Visiting this fantastic photographs gallery one week after being at the AC/DC concert, I felt like I was a little child in a toys store back in the 80’s atmosphere, which is a time that I unfortunately couldn’t live…
Tony Mott, who is a great talented photographer, permitted me to learn more about the rebellious life of a Rock Star.
And to top it all, this event happend in a beautiful old library…what more ?”

Rémy Thiebaut (Advanced 1)

Take a look at some of the photography below or go to the website  to check out more www.sl.nsw.gov.au › Exhibitions & events › Exhibitions

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Our advanced classes below:)

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