We are FAMILY!!!

When we live overseas the people around us become our family, we see them every day and we spend most of our time with them. UpperPlus1 are a (very crazy) family – an international family from countries all over the world including Poland, Peru, Japan, Spain, Korea, Colombia, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Laos and Ireland 😉


We’re not just learning English together; we’re also learning about each other, about our different countries and cultures and, of course, about how to survive student life in Australia! 🙂


Some Mondays we have lunchtime parties together … not for any particular reason, just because it’s Monday and we need cheering up!


We also celebrate birthdays together, like in this picture, it was Yunyi’s 20th Birthday … so we celebrated!



We also wave goodbye to students who’ve completed their English course and continue with their studies in various different areas. Yuka from Japan finished in our class and we wished her good luck for her future studies in Certificate III in Childcare with MEGT.

Goodbye Yuka! Good luck!

Our common goal is to learn and improve our English but we also have great experiences together and these will be in our hearts forever.


What some students say:


“If you want to learn or improve your English, Ability English is the best way that you can choose.” ~ Marta, Barcelona, Spain


“Learning English is a challenge. But I really love it.” ~ Ivy, Taiwan


“Ability is home outside your country, where you can meet international people, have a great time and of course learn English and lots of other things.” ~ Diana, Colombia


“Learning English is the beginning of a life with amazing experiences around the world, it opens your mind and it gives you more opportunities in your life.” ~ Manuela, Colombia


Thanks for reading! Have a great break!!! 🙂

Maria – Upper Plus Teacher

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