Volunteering with the Salvation Army :-)

The Salvos. Have you heard of them?

They are a charity that do many programs to help people in need, and their full name is the Salvation Army. We were a little bit confused why they were called the Salvation¬†“Army”¬†but now we know it’s because they were formed such a long time ago, when there were a lot of wars, and the word army can also mean something like ‘big team or group’. So yeah, we became part of the ‘army’ and volunteered with them.

It was awesome! We had a tour of some homeless shelters and met lot’s of people who work with young kids or people who are out of luck at the moment. And then we went and helped them with their fundraising. I had a bit of a competition with my classmates about who could raise the most money for them and I’m pretty sure I was the winner!!! Check us out in our fun Xmas uniforms!! At the end of the day I was exhausted as I had spoken to so many different people. Oh, and one more thing, I’m very impressed at how generous people are. Thanks mate!

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