Valentine’s fun

María José Muñoz 2In 2012,  on the very day of Valentine’s  February 14  I was completely single, but fortunately I made two very good friends in Ability,  from Italy: Isabel and Francesca. They were single as well,  so being Valentine’s day we decided to make a little party after class. We shared some food that we prepared ourselves and in the middle of the night, the three of us all went together to Hyde Park to celebrate Valentine’s day. We were going to find love in the future! hahahahaaha

One week later I started dating a guy from Ability, his name is Akeel from Saudi Arabia. We were dated for a month and a half, but then I changed my English level class so we had differents schedules, and it became difficult to see each other. Anyway I didn’t fall in love with Akeel, as we were so different. María José Muñoz with boyHe told me that his father had 7 different wives, so I said no thanks, I want to be the only one! Hahahaah, anyway, we had a great time together and we had a lot of fun 🙂

And about my friends from Italy, we are very friends until now and we keep in touch nowadays, I really love them, and I dream one day to see them again, they are one of the best things in my year in Australia 🙂

That’s it! That’s my history! Hehehehe, I keep every moment of Ability in my mind as a treasure 🙂

María José Muñoz

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