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This week our Upper Plus class have been talking a lot about the arts – learning new vocabulary on the topic, discussing paintings, photography and sculptors and reviewing films and books too.

The students worked on writing a review for a book that they have read. ¬†Justine Yansenne from Belgium wrote a review on The Alchemist by Paul Coelho. Take a look at Justine’s review and hopefully it will inspire you to read more..


Review- The Alchemist

Have you ever dreamed about finding a big treasure? Have you ever wanted to travel all around the world? Have you ever wondered about the real meaning of your life? I am sure that  you already have. So this totally absorbing and moving book is for you.

First, lets have a look at a little summary of this terrific story written by the inspirational Paulo Coelho. Santiago, the main character, is a young shepherd boy. He lives in Anolarusia where he has an ordinary and monotonous life. But one day, while he was sleeping in an abandoned church, he had a dream about a treasure which was near to the Egyptian Pyramids. After that night he had the same dream every night.

He finally decided to leave his ordinary life to follow his dream, his “Personal Legend”.. He meets a lot of strange people on his journey and learn a lot from them. Is he going to find that treasure? You will know if you read it.

I think this novel is a really thought-provoking and compelling story. It is a totally groundbreaking novel for the philosophical genre. All nature lovers must read it! Through this amazing book, you will understand that there’s no better place than home and that sometimes, we only need to look beyond our bias..


What a great piece of writing- Thank you for contributing Justine. I am sure this will encourage other students to read more.

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