TROPFEST 2013!!! – Advanced day students review their experience at the year’s most famous short film festival.

Last Sunday was the Trtropfest dayopfest festival in Centennial park. There were more than 9 thousand people lying on the grass around 3 big screens where short films were projected. A free event where you can meet a lot of people, a nice atmosphere and singers I’ve never heard of before.

A bunch of our students from the Advanced class spent Sunday in Centennial Park, being part of the audience of the world’s largest short film festival, Tropfest. Three of them wrote reviews…

You can see sad, funny and romantic films so you can be sure that you’ll like something. It’s also interesting because you are exposed to the imagination and creativity of each director.

Joffrey, Belgium




Tropfest peopleTropfest was exciting and interesting.
It’s a festival about short and low-budget films. This year the topic was ‘change’ and I really liked it, however, I didn’t like some of the films, for example the ones about homosexuality: this is a big topic nowadays, but it’s too obvious and there were too many films about that.


Anyway, there were some films I really loved because they were very funny and clever. I’m a bit disappointed by the winner, but I strongly recommend this festival. It was very good.

Davide, Italy





This film festival was really interesting. Lots of nice music, perfect sunset, cool Aussie people and tasty food. It started at 11am but we arrived at 5:30pm and there were still a lot of spaces to sitmakeover film down and relax. Everyone was really prepared with a lot of picnic equipment like blankets, fruits, and cheese, wine, beers, chips, eskies with drinks… make sure that you bring this kind of stuff because we didn’t.


The films were great, some of them were easy to understand and others were really hard because of the Australian accent. All of them dealt with really different perceptions of the main topic The Change. Most of the films were funny, one film was scary and with a lot of suspense, another one was really sad and dramatic and there were a couple of documentaries. Anyway, heaps of dark humour, gay scenes, old people films, drama and comedy… In my opinion, the best film was called Makeover and it was about an old man trying to become young again by dating a young girl, it was hilarious!

Laura, Colombia


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