The Holiday Season – Intermediate 4

I asked my students how Christmas differed between their countries and Australia, and here are some of their thoughts. After we chatted about this, we had a classroom Christmas party, with food from their different countries, and we watched YOU TUBE music videos that the students chose to represent their country’s music.  It was a fabulous party. Many of the students spent Christmas together, and were also planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve together. HELEN (INT 4)


In my country we don’t celebrate Christmas, but we respect those who celebrate it. We just have New Year’s Eve. It is my first Christmas in a foreign country and I really like it. Everyone’s together with their family for a special dinner, lunch etc. I love it and I’ll tell everyone when I’m back in my country. GAMZE, Turkey


It’s my first time for summer Christmas. I really expect bikini Santas, and I’m so excited about our Christmas Tanning Santaparty. COOPER, Korea


The difference of Christmas in Australia is : it’s hot, and no festival lights in the street. It’s summer here in Australia, so this Christmas includes BBQ, seafood, pavlova, ham, beach, pool, singlets, shorts, thongs etc. I only eat my family dinner on the 25th of December and there are no grapes for New Year. In Australia Santa has a tan. DAVID, Spain


There are few Christmas festivals in Japan, but there are many in Australia. The most exciting day Of Christmas in the 24th in Japan, but that day is the 25th in Australia. In Sydney, sometimes Santa wears a tank top.  KOTA, Japan


I don’t celebrate Christmas, we just have a New Year 31 December celebration. Now in my country Russia  it’s very cold -20C and there is snow, but here in Australia is real summer, with very hot weather. People are wearing short skirts, t-shirts and sunglasses – and there’s NO snow. That’s why we (me and my school friends) are going to celebrate Christmas at the beach where there’s palm trees, the ocean and surfers! OLGA, Russia


I have never celebrated Christmas in Thailand. This is my first time, so I don’t know about the difference between Christmas in Thailand and Australia – but I’m excited about it. DEAW, Thailand

Turkey xmas

We don’t celebrate Christmas in Turkey. This Christmas will be my first. I’m so excited about Christmas and also curious about a lot of things. Have fun everyone  J !!!  TAYGUN, Turkey


In Taiwan there isn’t Christmas but the stores sell presents anyway. In Australia people have a lot of Christmas parties, and it’s an important day. There is a long vacation. It’s a summer Christmas, so it’s hot and the beach. The Santa Claus laugh is very different. SZU CHIN, Taiwan


This Christmas is different because there isn’t my family, and there isn’t snow and cold, but it’s nice because there are my new friends, the sea and it’s hot. I like it!  ROBERTA, Italy


Australia is hot, it’s summer not like in France, because in France it’s winter and we have snow. The decoration is not the same in Sydney. I think it’s more beautiful in Paris.  Also Santa is called Pere Noel.  DILAN, France


In Sydney it’s a boiling Christmas. At Christmas most of the restaurants are open but not in Australia. Korea doesn’t have Boxing day like Australia. DANNY, Korea


Christmas isn’t important in Japan because there’s no holiday like in Australia. We are not Christian but we have a fun Christmas anyway with Santa. And it’s not summer there, it’s winter and cold.  YUKI H & YUKI M, Japan


In Australia, we aren’t with family, it’s hot and there isn’t much decoration. I can’t eat grapes in the new year, which is our tradition on 31st December. In Australia has Santa Claus but in Spain we have the three Kings. TANYA, Spain


Christmas is a kind of couples day in Korea. Here there’s no white Christmas and the holiday is too long.  B ILL, Korea


In my country my extended family are together every day for 9 days beginning on December 24 and every day we pray together. This is called Novena. On December 24th the people give presents at midnight, then we eat special food.

On December 25th in my country in a holiday. On December 31st the Colombian people are together in a family’s house and people dance and we wait until midnight for the new year. Then we eat special food.  MONICA, Colombia


Intermediate 4

Standing left :   Taygun, Cooper

Back row : Dilan, Tsukasa, Tanya, Gamze, Roberta, Olga, Yuki M, Kota, Deaw

Front row : Monica, Szu Chin, Danny, Yuki H, David, Bill

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