Students Critique Art at the National Gallery of Victoria

Upper Plus Students visited the Melbourne Art Gallery and were given the task photographing two pictures, one that they like, and the other that they regard as a piece of junk, then briefly explain why.


Kakadu river was represented by many images which was taken by Ford. Not unlike a comic strip, the artist used many frames for represent his’s tour there. For develop this work Ford used video, televison, camera and laser copier. – Giovanna


I like this image because there are many information, colors and in addition the shape is different than the traditional. Arts about life, nature, with colorful make my eyes catching.    – Giovana



One of the art paintings which impressed me was “St Geneviève provisioning Paris under siege” painted by Pierre PUVIS de CHAVANNES. It is an impressive monochromatic work of art, in which it is used the pencil on canvas technical. It is composed by three parallel paintings which show spiritual scenes when Saint Genevieve arrived Paris with food and provisions for people.  – Alex



I didn’t like this photo because it doesn’t seem to like the work of art.when i looked it i cannot feel anything that doesn’t give any message for me.that’s why i cannot say ‘this is the masterpice’.i cannot even say this is the art.    – Ela


I liked this photos because people’s face tell their character.Even though we don’t know them we can get a idea when we look their doesn’t mean we absolutely can solve their personalities but we can guess it.   – Ela


I think this painting is a refuse. I felt visceral dislike for this. This painting makes me fell really unpleasent. This will be probably conspicuous because of its strange composition and color scheme. But this is too disgustiong as a art. I think that art should make people happy and relaxed.  – Akiko


I would like to inform you that, i really like all of the paintings, excluding modern ones. The paintings are so impressive and valuable. If i have to choose one of them, the Banquet of Cleopatra is my favourite. In this tableau the lines on the grounds are straight to you when you walk around the painting. – Berk


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