Some wonderful Sydney advice from some Pre-intermediate students!

A couple of students from our Pre-Intermediate class have some great advice for you. If you live in Sydney, or plan to come here, you need to read this!

24th April

Sydney overall

Dear friends,

You should come to Sydney! Sydney has great weather and a lot of beautiful places. For example, the Opera house. You must go there, it’s a nice place. Sydney has multicultural and different food. You should try all of it.  It’s great. If you come here I guarantee, you will find something that you have never seen before.

I hope to see you in Australia.

Yours sincerely,

U-Do (Bunbodin Maikami)sydney

24th April

Dear friends,

I’m writing to tell you about this great place. The name is Sydney!

Sydney is a very good place to visit because you can go to beautiful places. Firstly, you should go to the Opera house. After that, you have to walk to Circular Quay and take the Ferry to see the cityscape.

The night life in this city is amazing but finishes early and you mustn’t drink in the street or on the train. When you visit this city, you’ll always want to come back.

Best wishes,


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