School Rules!

This week, intermediate students were tasked with creating their own school, complete with their own school rules!


The students came up with some really creative schools, such as “sh-Cool!” “Bully school” (where you must be a bully to attend) and more. The rules were a mix of innovative, helpful, crazy and bizarre! Check out some of them below.

School rules!


School begins at 12:00 am and finishes at 7:00am.

On Fridays everyone must wear pink pants.

There is an exam every 3 months and if you fail you must pay $10.

Students must join a school club and can choose between chess, science soccer, badminton or fight club!

Don’t argue with classmates, everyone should be friends!

Uniform must be worn at all time. Boy must wear football kit and girl must wear cheerleader outfits.

You have to be a model or ex-model to work at the school.

You must respect the teacher and give them support!

Teachers should be more like a friend and less like a teacher!

If you break any rule you have to clean the school grounds.


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