PRONunciation Class 1

Do you know that if a language learner hears: ‘I appreciate it’, they might ask: ‘She ate what?

Or if they hear: ‘I left a message on your voicemail’, they might think: ‘Who is John?’

This is because native English creates sounds that can confuse language learners, and the most effective way to help them understand it is to help them to say it. In the Upper Pronunciation and Fluency class we look at real, native English and teach learners how it works. Then we show them how to hear it and how to say it.

This week, we did a phonetic running dictation. The students were in pairs and they had to understand the sounds on the paper, mouth memorise them, and communicate them to their partner who then wrote them down in words.

Can you understand this?

wall IPA

Can you say it?

Can you communicate this to another person clearly?

 Sts working it out wall

Here are our students trying to work it out.

in class

Here they are communicating the sounds.


The Pron class is all about energy so we use a lot of movement to push blood around the body and help learners move their mouths to create sounds that are more English. And, of course, we have a lot of fun!

By the way, the picture above says:

‘If I save enough money I’ll go to Asia. I want to see Thailand and Vietnam. After that I’ll go back home and get a job’.


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