Pre-Intermediate students review films!!!!

This week in Pre Intermediate we learned how to review films and books. We summarised the stories, gave our opinions and explained why we would recommend it to other people. Below you can read a film review and a book review…  



‘City of God’ is a drama and action film, made in 2005 in Rio de Janiero of god

The film is very interesting, sad, emotional and beautiful, because the actors and actress are very real and the story is all true.

‘City of God’ tell the story about one boy who grows up inside favela in Rio and sees everything happen for example – the violence, the drugs, the organised crime and military people.

I like this film because is very real and the some people who live inside favellas are honest and hard working.

I recommend this film because it tells about the story of Brazil and you can learn about how to succeed in your life despite problems.

Caique, Brazil



twilight‘Twilight’ is a romance book, it was written by Stephanie Myer. The story is set in different country, for example Voltera in Italy and Forks in USA.

The main character is Bella Swan, is beautiful. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Edward is a vampire. He has ability to read people’s minds.

Bella moves to Forks because her mother changed house to her new husband’s house. Bella met Edward at new school. She falls in love with Edwards but she don’t know that Edward is a vampire. Her friends name is Jacob. Jacob falls in love with Bella about but Bella thought they are just friends because Jacob has to battle with Edward so a war between wolf and vampire happens. In the end Jacob gives up and falls in love with Bella’s daughter.

I like this book because it’s fantasy and romance, it is exciting all the time.

I think that people have to read Twilight because it’s a good book about a love story.

Sakkarin, Thailand

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