Pre-intermediate Class

Pre-intermediate class took on the challenge of discussing the advantages and disadvantages of several different modes of transport this week, building their case through creating a list of pros and cons, and transferring this information into a written piece using the useful linking phrases they had learned.






Putting the lists into a written response was a good challenge, and students worked together to write their final efforts.




Students described the advantages of air travel including:


“No stressful traffic”, “Really fast and comfortable”, “Easy to travel to other continents”,

Whereas there was a unanimous decision as to “TURBULENCE” being the great disadvantage of travelling by plane. “It is expensive” and “the air is not fresh” on planes being other cons that everyone agreed on.

We also had what became a great and hotly discussed lesson on transport in different countries as some students spoke quite strongly about how BAD the Sydney railway system is, while students from other countries were amazed at this, and expressed their firm belief at how GOOD it is, compared to the networks back home.


Class this week became more than a writing class, and a great look at different perceptions and points of view!

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