Our pronunciation class gets busy for the blog!

It’s the Pronunciation classes’ turn to write the blog for this week, which provides us with somewhat of a challenge, as we don’t do a lot of writing!! So we are going to show you what we were required to do for our weekly test this week.

We were given the task of copying the intonation, stress patterns,and speed of a piece of script from the movie ‘The Lorax’. You will see the clip of Ted talking to his Mum about where to find a ‘real’ tree. Click on the ‘The Lorax – week 5 Test‘ link.
THEN, all of us students had to copy ‘MUM’, and our teacher was ‘TED’.
The voice file is Hitomi, one of our Japanese students. We’re sure you will agree that her speed and accuracy is impressive!! To listen, click on the ‘Audio‘ link
Also, attached is a message from all us Pron people to all you people out there reading, (whoever you are)!! Click on the ‘pronadd‘ link to listen.
We wish you a lovely day and coming weekend, and a happy New Year!! (even though January is almost over!)
We hope very much to see you soon,
Pronunciation class  (30/12, 2013 – 30/1, 2014)





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