On the Other Side of the World!

A wonderful, unique and strange country : Australia


I would like to share my experience with you in Australia.

I have been in Sydney for more than one year now. Sydney seemed to me a relaxing place to live with a very good quality of life, a little isolated geographically, but we can work round that with some organization.

This country is unique in terms of nature. The kilometers of beaches around and the variety of landcapes are just breathtaking. Many times in some national parks I felt a sensation like being alone in this world, in the middle of nowhere, which I love.

My prefered thing in Australia is the endemic wildlife, which is unique. I can’t stop admiring these strange creatures which makes me feel and realise that I’m not in my country, because this is so different and you are only able to discover these things if you explore Australia. This is one of the reasons that Australia is so special for me :  the differences.

On the other hand, regarding work environment, when I started to look for a job, I struggled a lot to get a position in my field (marketing). I received a lot of calls from recruiters but they always they said to me : ‘Your profile and your resume is very good but you don’t have a local experience in Australia’ and so on. I was very discouraged at first, but after 3 months of  researching, I got a temporary contract in a Pharmaceutical company as Business development associate for 6 months. I was very happy, even though the current position was inferior to the position I was doing in Paris.  Personally for me was a good opportunity to practice my English because I wasn’t confident at all about it.

Then, I started this job and I was working with the Australian people, and I was very surprised, the differences of culture and behaviors in the work environement. But why ? I’ll give you the differences below:

In France it is very important to take time and enjoy lunch time with a good meal and also share it with your collegues. This is a real break with your collegues or boss and it is crucial for us not to be disturbed during this time.

My experience in Australia has been completely different, because in this company nobody shares lunch time together. Everyday everybody brought their lunch and they stayed at their desk eating in front of the computer without talking to the others. For me it was a terrible and unsociable situation, because I was expecting to practice my English and have a social life at work, but it was not possible.

Immediately after this experience I understood that many Australians come to the office to work but not to create a social life. Maybe it is a good thing, but just for me was so different in terms of culture and behaviors.

In light of the above, I think that Australia is a very beautiful country with a very good economy and good opportunities in terms of career but, for me at least, misses one very important thing. I think that for foreign people it is not always easy to build stronger and deep relationship with locals. Of course we can enjoy a party with Australians, surf, do different activities, or have a beer, but nothing deeper in my experience. I guess this is because they have also had their friends for very long time, and we are the new ones here.

I think the most important thing to do in Australia is speak English very well. I think maybe everything can change positively. Ability was a very good choice for me as I already feel great progress in my speaking and also writing , so I will really recommend this school in the future.

By Gerladine Maraboli Calderron

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