Look at this amazing writing from Upp3!!!!

Hello everybody! Dylan here, reporting in from my amazing Upper Intermediate class! Last week, I asked my class to write about the most dangerous situations they have ever been in and they didn’t disappoint! Their stories were sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining and really showed off their talent for telling a dramatic story. For this blog post, I thought I’d share some of their incredible stories with you!

The first story comes from a student from the Czech Republic. She wrote about her experience getting stranded in the middle of the Egyptian desert! lost in the desert

We were on the road for hours when our car stopped for no reason. We couldn’t find any fault with it and had no idea where we were. Our phones had no signal and we couldn’t see anybody for miles. Two girls, lost in the desert with no water. We were absolutely terrified!’ 

‘We waited for hours. We were thirsty, exhausted and hot. It was terrible! Luckily, someone drove past. We jumped and waved at them and they stopped to rescue us. We spent the rest of our vacation in the resort because it was safe.’

A fantastic story! But things took a spooky turn with this story from Italy. big-scary-eyes--large-1097962880-msg-15688-3

‘The earliest memory of something dangerous happening to me is when I was three. I remember waking up in the middle of the night scared, so I walked to my parent’s bedroom. But on the way, I noticed something in the window staring at me. I can’t really explain the terror, except I felt it all the way to my core. It felt like its eyes were burning just staring at me. It disappeared and I ran into my parent’s bedroom. I’ve been paranoid about sleeping with open windows ever since!’ 

Scary stuff! But my favourite this week comes from Korea. A very honest story about forgetting to do English homework and trying to rush it to get it back to class on time!

‘It’s 11.09pm on Sunday night and I’m really scared. I can hear gunfire and explosions and screaming. My flatmates are watching a movie in the living room. I wish they would finish so I can go to sleep. But I can’t sleep. I have to finish this story first. I’m not sure if I’ll finish it on time. And I’m not using enough adverbs! I’ll probably be late to class tomorrow.’ study stress

For the record, he made it to class on time.

The whole class did an amazing job and made me so proud to be their teacher. I wish I could share all of them with you because they all deserve recognition. Their stories ranged from supernatural, to adventure to crime thriller and I had a great time reading them all. I can’t wait to see what they have for me next week!

Until then, take care everybody!

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