Int4 take a wonderful trip to Cockatoo Island!

Int 4 – trip to Cockatoo Island to visit the Biennial Sydney Art Exhibition

Below are the thoughts of some of the students.

Lorena (Chile); Maiko (Japan); Lisa (Hong Kong); Shoko (Japan); Billy (Korea); Riko (Japan); IMG_1497Fumiya (Japan); Luis (Spain); Raina (China); Yoshi (Japan); Jong Ju (Korea); Liza (Argentina); Olga & Alex (Russia); Tom (Laos); Lucie (Czech Republic); Camilla (Brasil);

We went for a ferry ride to Cockatoo Island. It was a happy and sad day because some students finished studying that day. Firstly, we went to Darling Harbor and looked at the preparation for Vivid Sydney that would start the next day. Secondly, we took the ferry across the harbor. Finally we arrived at Cockatoo Island and we looked at the art and rode on the ghost train. Mostly we enjoyed the interactive art with fitness equipment, which was lots of fun. We also enjoyed the convict ruins of the old jail there. Liza (Argentina)

IMG_2895Last Thursday our class went to Cockatoo Island, a place I had never visited before. We went to the island by ferry to visit the Biennial of Sydney and it was a very interesting tour. I think that the artists can stimulate our senses – I could touch, hear, see and feel  art that I saw.       Camilla (Chile)

I went to Cockatoo Island with my classmates last Thursday. It was the first time for me, and there were many ruins and also art. Everyday we study at the school and I’ve gone out with people from other countries a few times, but that day I could enjoy more than the everyday lessons. Riko (Japan) IMG_2924

I went to Cockatoo Island last Thursday. Is was very interesting and mysterious. Frankly speaking, I thought it would be a boring day at first, but I enjoyed staying there more than I expected. If I can go there again, I’d like to go. Shoji (Japan)

The day was crazy hotter than I expected, but we could feel a good, cool wind. The faces of my classmates were a little different from our everyday classes. I also saw a different face of Australia, beautiful nature, beautiful island. I could visit there forever. Fuji (Japan)



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