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I think  the electricity in the greatest engineering achievement because I think technology and anything around us come to be more comfortable. Because of the electricity. For example we can turn on the lights when we need it may be in the night or in the dark place,and another thing that happen because of electricity are the electronic devices because devices need the power of electricity. Of course the things that would be happen next is the internet ,which make the worldwide connection.

One of the most important contributions of engineering achievement is they make the world better from the past. We have more comfortable things in our life. For example as I say before,  the lights. In this case I’m going to talk about the light on the road which make we can drive at the night time. And I think this make more safety on the road. Another thing is the electricity that we use in the house or in the buildings. For example household appliances , television , fridge, washing machines  all of these thing need the electricity.

Let’s think about life without electricity! How your life  change?for example the hospital , they need the electricity to help the patient.And we couldn’t recieve news from electronic devices such as TV.

Finally I think electricity is an important thing for humans , of all times and we couldn’t live without it.

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I am sure that  electricity is the greatest engineering achievement ever because it started the industrial  revolution.

One, of the most important contributions of electricity, is that the human changed the darkness into light.

Human’s cities are full of lights during the nights and people can continue in their daily routine during the night.

We use electricity every day at school, at home, in work or during our free time.

Additionally, the electricity helped invent the most inventions which was or will be invented.

Let’s think about the life without the electricity. The life would be like 150 years ago and people’s knowledge about a technology would be small. The human population would be around two billion people, which is really good for environment, but in some areas could be a starvation and local war’s conflicts.

Despite of all positive factors for the inventions, on the other hand, it has bad influence on the environment, but I can’t imagine the world without electricity.

Nowadays, it is impossible to live without it.


I think that smartphone is the greatest engineering achievement because it changed our life become easier and exciting.

One of the most important contributions of the little screen is making our connection in several ways. For example: though I have language education here, I can wake up my wife who sleeping in Taiwan on rail train by skype, then leave some massage to my daughter to make her focus on her learning, and try to understand something interesting in her life on facebook , Check out my schedule in it, then have dinner with my family by webcam on my mobile.

    If we think about how people used to live before smartphone, we can find how convenient for connect each other, and the application is still increasing, we will never know what it can be tomorrow.

Finally, the powerful handset is the best engineering achievement of all times and without it live would be lonely and life more difficult.



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