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My name’s Philippe and I’m an IELTS teacher here at Ability.  I’ve asked my wonderful students to jot down a few words regarding their IELTS goals.  As you’ll see in the letters below, there are a number of different reasons to study IELTS, including for uni, to work in certain professions, and for migration purposes.

While we are committed to ensuring you get the academic knowledge and the IELTS skills you need to pass the test, we also have some good fun in class and support each other a lot!

Anyway, enjoy the read and hope to meet you one day in class!

Ciao for now!

Philippe Leroux

Canaussia (Canadian-Australian)



Hello Everybody!

My name is Sandrina.  I’m from Portugal and I came to Australia about 2 months ago.  I have a bachelor degree in Management and I am attending IELTS classes because I want to go to university to do a Masters in Marketing.

I think I am improving my English a lot because at this school we always speak in English.  In IELTS, we practice reading, listening, writing and speaking.  Moreover, we can choose to do General or Academic IELTS.  In my case, I am doing academic which is very useful because I am learning specific vocabulary.  In addition, I am learning how to write clear essays about graphs and statistics and how to argue about many subjects.  This will help me a lot in my future.  If you want to go to university, I wholeheartedly recommend the IELTS classes at Ability!


Sandrina Pinto




Hi everyone!!!

I’m Carla Figuroa and I’m from Chile.  I’m a journalist and also a collaborator in LatinHub, which is a webpage for the Latin community here in Australia.

I came here because I wanted to improve my English.  First I started in “General English” classes, then I moved to “plus” classes in which I learned a lot of academic vocabulary.  Finally, in my last month I decided to move to IELTS because I got a score of 6 overall before coming here.

Although I’ve only been in IELTS for one month, I think that I have improved a lot, most of all in reading and listening skills.  I know, for sure, that now I could get a 6.5 overall, so I’m really happy about that.  Even though I came to this course because I wanted to study a Masters degree after, in time I realised that now I want to aim in another direction in my career.  However I’m still in this course because English is always important and useful.

Finally, I would like to let you know that teachers are really an important support all the time.  I always wanted to come to class because the environment here is so grateful and funny, and also I’ve met a lot of friends.


Carla Figuroa


sets standard


Dear all,

I’m Clarissa.  It’s my 5th week with Ability in the IELTS class.  There were so many choices in the market for IELTS classes.  I was so confused at that time since university requires me to get IELTS scores of 7 for the entry .

Teachers here are really nice to help us to achieve our goals.  And surprisingly, the students here have similar goals as me.  Everyone comes from different backgrounds making a fairly good mixture of it.  We share our ideas in class which broaden my mind in some general issues.  I have to say it’s not a boring class, but it involves a lot of participation, sometimes we have games too.  Coming back to studies, the teachers taught us many useful skills for IELTS, practice test on Friday is the most interesting part.  It definitely gives you more confidence before taking the real exam.



Hong Kong



Welcome to Ability!

My name is Naiara (Nai is how they call me here).  I’m from the Basque country in the north of Spain.  I lived in a small town so it was a big change when I moved out to Sydney.

Like most students, I’m here to study English; but why IELTS?  I’ve already finished my university degree in Nursing, so to work here in a hospital, they ask you for it.

At first it was hard, with a new language, new people and no family or friends, but everything is getting better day-by-day.  This course challenges you to improve your knowledge and also to get better marks every week.  My target band is a 7, so here I am working hard and doing my best.





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