Healsville Sanctuary Excursion with Upper Int 2 class

Ability SS_2 2014 001

All students on a chilly early morning at the train station, before we get on the bus to go to Healsville Sanctuary. It’s quite far from the city so we needed 2hrs and 10mins to get there. Some students ate their breakfast on the train as it was so early for them! We had 9 different nationalities within our group and lot’s of funny conversations on the train practicing different tenses on the way to see all the Australian animals.

Ability SS_2 2014 002

Yes this is a beautiful picture of two of our great English students (Nancy from Indonesia and Richard from Colombia), but can you notice the 2 other special guests in this photo???? Can you???? Yup, 2 koalas – a female with her baby (called a joey). Soooooo cute!!

Ability SS_2 2014 003

Kangaroos ahead! After the koalas our next stop was to see different kangaroos. The students were surprised how large some of the kangaroos were.

Ability SS_2 2014 004

Here are Guta, Mint and Ester with kangaroos in the background.

Ability SS_2 2014 005

Here’s our class with 2 wallabies behind us.

Ability SS_2 2014 006

Feeding parrots – some students had parrots landing on their clothes as well as the feeding trays. For some reason the parrots seemed to prefer the Brazillian students (see the parrot on his hoodie?!?)

Ability SS_2 2014 007 Ability SS_2 2014 009 Ability SS_2 2014 010 Ability SS_2 2014 011 Ability SS_2 2014 014

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