Greg (one of our amazing Ability teachers) reminisces about going on excursions with his IntPLUS students :)

I think it’s great when we get to explore a little bit of Sydney life with our students. Once every 12 weeks Ability teachers have the opportunity to take their students on an excursion. It’s one of the few occasions where we all get to relax and spend some quality time outside of the classroom. It is also a time when students can learn more about the city and about their classmates.

On our last excursion most of the groups organised a barbecue at a local beach. However, our GE Plus group wanted to try something different and so decided to take on a challenge – a bush-walk from Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach!!! The idea was to enjoy the weather and discover some local walking tracks.

The first part, a ferry from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo, turned out to be a great experience for some of the students as they had never taken a ferry before. We had a great time doing some sightseeing and observing the CBD from the deck on that fine sunny morning. Then, from Taronga Zoo we went towards Balmoral Beach – not an easy trip… over five and a half kilometres through the bush!!!


After a few minutes of walking it got really humid and hot. Although the students were well prepared, with water, sunscreen and hats, we all realised what it meant to be in the open at noon in the middle of Australian summer. Although most of us tried to hide from the sun some students seemed to rather enjoy it. 🙂


The walk was the time when we had the opportunity to chat about our everyday lives, our plans for the future and learn more about the people that we share our time with. We realised that although we all come from different cultures, we all share the same dreams and hopes for the future. After almost two hours we managed to get to Balmoral Beach. It was the promised land for all of us – the cool breeze and the shade of the trees was exactly what we needed.

We all agreed the trip was a great experience but next time it might be a bit shorter…




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