Exploring Sydney

Dear Melissa,

I arriwed two weeks ago in Sydney. I study at Ability English. The English Course started on Monday.
I live with my relative in Concord West. I live in a house. There are very nice houses, in concord.
Food here is very delicious.  I have a favorite ice-cream in Sydney. The Name’s cookies & cream.
I have met a lot of people. I have new friends in School.
Australian people are very friendly. When I was in a Shopping center (David Jones) everyone smlied at me 🙂 I was surprised.
I love this weather, because the sun is always shining.
The Cost of living is expensive. However the People get a higher salary.
The Nightlife in Sydney is very eventful. Every Bar and Restaurant are always full.
I like shopping. I was in a DFO outlet. The clothes were a good price. David Jones is more expensive. There are a lot of brands, eg:   Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choe, Christian Louboutin. I love the Australian brands, eg: rip curl, seafolly.


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