Excursion to The ABC – a night with the Book Club and Jennifer Byrne

Our Advanced class with their tickets to watch the Book Club at the ABC :-)

Our Advanced class with their tickets to watch the Book Club at the ABC šŸ™‚


Andrew with his Advanced class ready for their live television experience!!


Andrew and his Advanced class catching up with the hosts from the show – Jason Seger,Michael Robotham Benjamin Law and Jennifer Byrne

Last thursday was the excursion day of my languageĀ school. Out teacher, whose name is Andrew, took us to the ABC Studios to watch the recording of a programme.

To prepare us, he showed us a video of the programme called “The book club” the day before. We were all quite excited and were looking forward to see what the show would be like in a live recording. On thursday morning we met in the school and walked to the ABC Studios which are really close to the schoolĀ together. After we arrived, we were welcomed by a lovely producer of the programme who showed us our seats. Once the recording started, we were all listening attentively to the host and her guests who were presenting and discussing some really interesting books.

After the show we went to a restaurant to have lunch together.

This was a great idea because we were able to exchange our opinions about the show and the books that had been presented while we were enjoing our delicious dishes.

So for me, and I think I can speak in the name of the whole class, the excursion day was an enrichment for all of us. Not only because it was a great experience that gave us theĀ once in a lifetime opportunity to improve our listening skills by listening to absolutely amazing eloquant speakers on tv, but also it was a lot of fun.

So thanks for takĆ­ng us to the ABC Studios! It was really amazing šŸ™‚


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