Elementary 2 is in a comparing mood!

This week ELM2 did some writing comparing Sydney to their city/town. They have done a great job with some fantastic language. Take a look!


Asami Tsumoto- Japan

Sydney is bigger than Fukuoka. Sydney has more tourists than Fukuoka. My city is cleaner than Sydney .It is also cheaper than Sydney. Tokyo is the busiest city in the world. Tokyo is more exciting than Sydney. Fukuoka is colder than Sydney. Aussies are lazier than Japanese!! Sydney is noisier than my city. I like both cities.




Luis Manuel Valle Franco-Spain

I am going to compare my city to Sydney. Sydney is smaller than Madrid. The weather in my country is more extreme than Sydney. In my city the public transport is the best. You can go everywhere by public transport. I always use public transport. It is very difficult to drive in the city in Madrid because there are a lot of cars. If you want to go to the city it is better to use public transport. In Summer my city is the hottest because the climate is dry. Life is easier here than In Madrid because here the salary is higher and you can buy a house,a car etc more easily. Sydney is more multicultural than Madrid but in Madrid there are a lot of cultures too. I think life in Sydney is faster too.The day starts earlier in Sydney too. Things here in Sydney are more expensive than Madrid especially alcohol and cigarettes!


Javkhlantugs Natsagdorj (Jack)- Mongolia

I arrived in Sydney two months ago from Ulaanbaatar city in Mongolia. Sydney is amazing. It’s the largest city in Australia with a population of 4.6 million people. I think it is bigger than Ulaanbaatar. Ulaanbaatar is an older city than Sydney. The trains in Sydney are busier and bigger than in my city. Sydney is more expensive than my city too. It is also hotter than in Ulaanbaataar. Sydney has got more taller buildings than my city. The harbour bridge in Sydney is the biggest bridge in Sydney. Tuul bridge is the biggest bridge in Ulaanbaatar. The international airport in Sydney is bigger than Ulaanbaatar airport.


Luana De-Carvalho- Brazil

I arrived in Sydney three months ago from Sao Paulo in Brazil. My country is very different to Sydney. Sao Paulo is bigger than Sydney. Sao Paulo is more dangerous and hotter than Sydney. People drive on the right side of the road in Brazil. Sydney has got more handsome men than Brazil. Brazilian food is better than the food in Australia.

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