Crazy Stories from Elementary Class – Melbourne

Last week the elementary class, with the help of their teacher Sarah, wrote some stories about holidays! Here are the stoires they wrote!


Daniela went to Wonderland with her crazy monkey in Summer. They went swinging over the tree vines and stayed in a treetop house. everyday they sang tribal songs to call the monkey god.

Cherie went to the bug world with her friend snail in Spring. They went by butterfly and stayed in cave. They did spelunking. Everyday they had BBQ party, drank beer.

Kike went to the Jupiter with his rabbit in Spring. He went by car and stayed in a hill. He did morning jumping, evening running and at night he ate rabbit.

Gulchan went to a Monster stomach with a wombat on a shooting star. They went by Emu’s wing and stayed in the stomach. Everyday they drank its blood and at night they did dancing.

Mai went to the deep sea with a fairy. They went at midnight. They went by spoon. They stayed in a stomach. Everyday they did cleaning and at night they did jumping.

Eliana went to the planet Mars with your grandfather. In winter they stayed in a palace. Everyday they ran on Planet Mars.

Yasuha went to visit Neverland with her best friend rabbit. They went in Winnter. She said they went by train. They stayed in Kamakura- the most cold Kamukara. Everyday she watched the stars with her friend ‘the rabbit’.

Jean went to a tricycle with his dog in January. They went by the moon. and stayed in a rocket. Everyday they played soccer on the moon.

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