Comparing Sydney To Other Cities Around The World – Pre Intermediate 2

Hello Everyone! This week, I asked my class about their hometown life and how different it is from their lives in Sydney. There is such a wide variety of culture in class, so I thought this would create an amazing conversation. As usual, my class didn’t disappoint! Everyone had a great time talking about the differences and similarities, so I thought I’d share some of their ideas with you now.

There were so many incredible responses and I was glad I could listen to them all. I can’t wait to hear what my students have to say next week! Dylan.


MauritiusRose, Mauritius-

What is most different for me is how busy the city is! I come from a small island, and it’s very quiet. Mainly small villages and everyone knows each other well. So seeing so many people from all over the world is incredible for me!


Kiyo, Tokyo-tokyo better

I’ve always enjoyed watching the stars, but it is quite difficult in my hometown. There are too many lights! Sydney is a big city, but it is still easy to see the stars no matter where you are.



Alex, St Petersburg-st petersburg

My city is very large. Much bigger than Sydney! But the weather is much nicer here. It’s easy to travel in the winter. My city has many different cultures and Sydney does too. It’s nice to see so many different people living together.








Maira, São Paulo-Sao Paulo

My city is huge! There are nearly 12 million people living there! It’s a very noisy place. I miss my city a lot, but I love how peaceful and quiet Sydney is. Especially at night! It’s so easy to get to the beach and listen to the water any time of day.


Cesar, Santiago-Santiago

The big difference for me is the food! My city has amazing food. Of course! But there is a lot of variety here. You can have anything you want! Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Thai or Indian. You can find a restaurant for almost any country. I love trying new food!


Karina, Medellín – Medellin_Colombia

In my country, the people are very friendly. It’s easy to make friends anywhere. When I came to Australia, I was worried that people would be difficult to talk to. I had a lot of trouble with my English at first. But I was happy that so many people were patient and wanted to talk to me. It helped me learn English faster and I’ve made so many new friends! I’m happy that the people in Sydney are so nice to everyone.



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