Compare and Contrast Cities

This week our Intermediate Plus Class have been working on their writing skills. The students discussed the differences between their city and Sydney. They also learned new descriptive vocabulary and language that they can use to compare things.

Mitsuko from Japan compared her hometown Haruna with Sydney. Read her piece below!

My town is Haruna which is in the middle of Japan. It is in the countryside so there is breath-taking nature. I like nature because it makes me relax. I came to Sydney 8 months ago. Sydney has beautiful nature too. In addition Sydney is a modern and traditional city. It is interesting to me.

As I mentioned before Haruna has stunning nature. Do you know Japan has four seasons? Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.The colours change each season.Spring makes it pink which is cherry blossom’s colour. Summer makes it green which is the colour of the leaves. In Autumn the leaves turn red and yellow in Japan. In Winter it snows so the view is superb.

However Sydney has four seasons but the seasons are different. Sydney doesn’t have leaves which turn red and yellow in Autumn. The BluseMountains in Sydney is an awesome place in any season. The city in Sydney mixes both modern and traditional which is fantastic.

To sum up. Both Haruna and Sydney are amazing places. I believe there are good points for each. I cherish both places.


Thank you for contributing to our Ability blog Mitsuko – a lovely piece of writing.




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